Advanced Leather Repair Gel

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Fix Your Leather and Vinyl Like a PRO

The Advanced Leather Repair Gel is here to help repair scratches, tears, cracks, burn holes, or rips and make your expensive leather armchair look as good as new!


Repair car seats, office chairs, furniture, bags, jackets and shoes like a pro.

Our Advanced Leather Repair Gel is adaptable to any leather surface and color. The gel offers a more vibrant tint and a clean finish. Once dried, you can’t tell the difference!


    EASILY AND QUICKLY REPAIR holes, tears and scratches on any color leather and vinyl.

    For best finish that matches any color car seats, shoes, couches, office chair, belt, bag, purse.

    Patch up LARGE AREAS, NO patches, paint, glue, dye, tape, putty needed.

    On new or old leatherette, faux, synthetic, bicast, pu, or premium upholstery.


  1. Clean area and apply the repair gel evenly
  2. Let it dry or use a blow dryer
  3. Done


  • Weight: 20ml
  • Color: Black, Chocolate Brown, Tan, Burgundy, Red, White


  • No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
  • We have a 24/7/365 phone and email support.
  • 100% premium Quality Inspection on every order.
  • No surprises or hidden fees.
  • End to End Tracking for every order.


  • Orders ship within 5 to 21 business days.
  • Limited items available in stock & not sold in stores.

8 reviews for Advanced Leather Repair Gel

  1. Kyla R.

    This product works great to fix small areas. I love the fact that it comes with many colors so you can mix it to the exact color. Will update in a few weeks to how well it holds up.

  2. Jenny W. Chan

    Worked well to fix small crack in my leather car seat and a large tear in my vinyl arm rest. Holding up well after 30 days. Color matching took time. Supplied color matching guide was a good starting point. 1st made a small batch as I did not want to run out of material. Took several tries before I was happy with the color. I don’t have any prior experience with mixing paint colors, but guess this would be easier for someone with a artist/art education.

  3. irenecl

    I had a significant amount of holes and cracks to fill with this product, and I am very pleased with how much I was able to cover. I used one kit- about 4 tubes worth of paint, and was able to match the color pretty easily. It took a lot more time than I thought it would. It is difficult to get it smoothed out perfectly. Every time I filled a crack up to the top, it would shrink down significantly, so it took many applications. It does seem very durable and I am pleased with the results!

  4. Deborah H. Silvi

    I love this product! My leather couch had a small whole that developed in one of the creases that I needed to repair. Also, because of the way I sit, alot of the colored leather rubbed off on one of the cushions. The colors were easy to mix using the enclosed color chart, there was no mess, and I was easily able to repair the problem areas. It worked great and saved me from getting a new couch!

  5. Erica Fowler

    I had rented a place that was furnished for the winter. They had a chocolate brown leather couch, and as I have 3 cats and two dogs, I covered up the couch with thick fleece blankets. But, because my cats are crazy and ran top speed along the top, their nails went through and scratched the funiture. No deep scratches since they didn’t claw the furniture, but scratches none the less. Anyway, I used according to the directions and “painted” the scratches and the couch and it came out great. THe landlord didn’t notice a thing and I got my full security deposit back. Worth the money!

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